Fresh for 2020 – Our Latest Features

New decade, new features. We've been working hard on your requests and are excited to update you on all of the latest Joiin features - included in every plan for the same low monthly price.

As always, you can find user guides and support at our helpdesk here


New Report Formatting

This major new feature gives you the ability to override our default currency and set your own Exchange Rates. This gives the flexibility to set Month End, or Monthly Average rates to work with Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss based reports.


Companies Ordering and Filtering

In this new page you can now display companies in an order that works for your reports. Just select Move from the Company action menu to change the order – you’ll see the order when reporting By Company. We’ve added a filter to the new Companies page to make life a little easier too.


KPI Line Charts

We’ve added the ability to view your KPI charts as a Line chart, as well as a Bar chart. Just click on the icon to switch between the two.


Mobile + UI Improvements

We’ve been working hard to improve the experience when using Joiin on mobile devices. As part of this, we’ve streamlined and tidied up several aspects of the User Interface. We’ll be bringing more UI improvements in the coming months.


New AR Ageing Report

We’re excited to bring you our new sales report – the AR Ageing Report. This allows you to easily track unpaid invoices across all your companies and improve your ability to collect that vital cash.


More Compare Periods

Our final feature of this announcement is a simple one – but one that will save you more time and give you more flexibility. We’ve increased the number of periods available in the Periods to compare report filter. Now you can run comparisons across multiple years.


Coming Soon

There’s more on the way. We’re working on additional features which we’ll be releasing soon, these include:

FX Reserve handling

Sales Reports by Company and Category

AP Sales Reports

Custom Report Totals and Average Columns

Company Grouping