Joiin for advisors

For accountants and advisors everywhere, Joiin supports you in delivering a better service to clients. Our accountant-friendly Multi-Client feature will help manage multiple client reports in one place, maximising data from Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, and Excel. Quickly produce group consolidations, create insightful reports, simplify how you work, and more.

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A game changer in terms of how we manage our accounting service and clients’ accounts


Manage multiple clients at once, in one place

Multi-Client is our flagship feature for accountants and advisors.

It lets you manage multiple clients under one umbrella subscription. You can enable access carefully by adding or removing teammates and clients, easily switching between reports and data at the click of a button, and securely sharing reports with stakeholders.

Whether it’s complex consolidations, single-entity reports, or better client management and workflows, Multi-Client simplifies it.

Joiin is built with accountants and advisors in mind

Stacks of benefits with advisors in mind

click & connect in minutes

Connect your companies to Joiin and combine data from multiple entities to seamlessly create reports, such as simpler single-entity reports to more complex consolidated group reporting.

save time with our multi-client feature

With Multi-Client, bring all your clients under one roof and efficiently manage each client’s reporting, saving you time to focus on strategy and relationship building.

collaborate easily

Improve the service you provide by sharing reports effortlessly, helping you engage with clients over meaningful and compelling presentations.

deliver greater insight

Provide in-depth finance reports with Joiin’s custom reporting and help clients make better business decisions.

scale-up and support more clients

There’s no need to add staff members to support new customers. Joiin’s features are like extra team members focused on delivering for you and your clients.

grow your business

Using Joiin will support the growth of your business, bringing new efficiencies and helping to improve margins.

Wow your clients with a range of reports

Deliver more in-depth reports to your clients with report packs. Report packs are simple to use and let you create professional reports that provide business insight, keep you focused on delivering an excellent service, and help you grow your business. Go even further with custom reports, including your branding and client specifics.

Your fully featured accounting software add on

More features include multi-currency conversions to flexible reporting by period, company and category. Automatically include Xero, QuickBooks, Sage, or Excel budgets, and fine-tune your results with inter-company eliminations.

Achieve even greater collaboration by inviting clients to view and download reports. At the same time, our multi-client feature allows you to manage multiple clients under one Joiin subscription and give access to carefully selected stakeholders.

All available on the go on any device, with rock-solid security built-in.

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Tailored for advisors, from the ground up

Here at Joiin, we pride ourselves on the way we work with our customers and have developed our app with customer participation at the heart of what we do. We proactively seek feedback from advisory and business users alike.

Why not take a look for yourself and let us know what you think?

Explore all features

Joiin has been built from the ground up alongside businesses and advisors

What our customers say:

Gamechanger. I cannot begin to describe how much time Joiin saves us monthly and annually for such good value. It is easy to use and pick up.
Joshua Cottingham, Xero Reviewer
Excellent software. This has made life so easy! Joiin means we have consolidated reports at our fingertips rather than the time-consuming excel based consolidations we used to do. No manual errors now either!
Mandy Donald, Xero Reviewer
Time Saver. Most efficient and cost-effective way I've found to consolidate two entities. Highly recommend.
Kathy Marshman, Xero Reviewer
Great App! I was struggling with another app for consolidations which was very buggy and not very intuitive - then I found Joiin and my world changed. Everything that I was trying to do in that other program for months I was able to do in Joiin within 2 hours. It is very intuitive and accurate. Thanks for making such a great program!
Robert, QuickBooks Reviewer
Life changing! This is the best tool for reporting over more than one entity. I run P&L, BS, KPI and cashflow over four complicated entities and the Joiin reports are effortless. It has revolutionised the way we can report to clients in a simple, consolidated and professional format. I love it... give it a try.
Claire Smith, Xero Reviewer

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