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Launched in 2018, Joiin is the brainchild of a talented team of experienced software professionals who saw a need in the current financial landscape for an affordable, cloud-based solution to management reporting, without sacrificing performance.

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“Cost effective and time saving. Would recommend”

A gap there to be filled

Against a global backdrop of more companies being set up than ever before – as well as the impact of start-up culture, increased entrepreneurship and cloud technology – a changing business landscape has emerged that we fit neatly into.

Entrepreneurs, owners, investors and business collaborators alike often need to consolidate and report on finances across a number of companies. These can be across business portfolios, family offices or global operations in multiple countries.

Financial consolidation and reporting have become something that more and more people are having to become familiar with. And Joiin offers everyone a cost-effective and easy-to-use consolidation app to do so. It’s more than capable of delivering on the varied needs of modern business finances, such as entities operating across territories and currencies, being multi-disciplined and accessible to all stakeholders, to name just a few.

Firmly established in the market

Based in the UK but with a global customer base, we’re proud that the Joiin app is now available in the following marketplaces:

Xero › QuickBooks › Sage ›

Or you can use when unplugged (not using a finance system but just Excel spreadsheets).

to the core

Understanding the cloud and new software can be tricky. That’s why our celebrated support team focus on solving any issues and ensuring customer success. Along the way, you get access to on-boarding, one-to-one technical support and a dedicated help centre.

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Highly developed,
from the ground up

Here at Joiin, we pride ourselves on the way we’ve developed our app with customer participation at the heart of what we do. We proactively seek feedback from advisory and business users alike, always developing new features and improving our UI, user guides and support environment.

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What our customers say:

Gamechanger. I cannot begin to describe how much time Joiin saves us monthly and annually for such good value. It is easy to use and pick up.
Joshua Cottingham, Xero Reviewer
Excellent software. This has made life so easy! Joiin means we have consolidated reports at our fingertips rather than the time-consuming excel based consolidations we used to do. No manual errors now either!
Mandy Donald, Xero Reviewer
Time Saver. Most efficient and cost-effective way I've found to consolidate two entities. Highly recommend.
Kathy Marshman, Xero Reviewer
Great App! I was struggling with another app for consolidations which was very buggy and not very intuitive - then I found Joiin and my world changed. Everything that I was trying to do in that other program for months I was able to do in Joiin within 2 hours. It is very intuitive and accurate. Thanks for making such a great program!
Robert, QuickBooks Reviewer
Life changing! This is the best tool for reporting over more than one entity. I run P&L, BS, KPI and cashflow over four complicated entities and the Joiin reports are effortless. It has revolutionised the way we can report to clients in a simple, consolidated and professional format. I love it... give it a try.
Claire Smith, Xero Reviewer

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