Custom consolidated reports

Create consolidated reports and present your data, just the way you want – from the beautiful and eye-catching to specific reporting formats you require.

Customise your consolidated reports with Joiin

Easy to navigate and intuitive to use. It offers terrific flexibility for consolidation

Customised reports, just a few clicks away

Tailoring your reports has never been easier. A series of simple clicks opens a multitude of reporting options – from layouts to meet statuary requirements such as GAPP and IFRS, ways to consolidate accounts into a single line, or when performing calculations and presenting the results as a single item (such as a KPI).

Customised consolidated end-of-month P&L report generated within Joiin

Customise to your heart’s content

Create your own groups. Add, rename and delete groups, move accounts between and expand and collapse groups.

Add, rename and change formulas to perform calculations and calculate custom totals

Visualise your data with our range of donut and bar charts and line graphs, whichever is best for you.

Bulk move selected items quickly and easily and ‘reselect last’ in case you make a mistake.

Custom KPIs report generated within Joiin

Bulk move selected items quickly and easily and ‘reselect last’ in case you make a mistake.

Display additional data such as % Split/Change, % of Sales, Budget and Average, all with the flick of a switch.

Personalise your reports with bespoke data and graphics in your reports and presentations.

Save custom reports and run or download them again and again – anytime, anywhere, on any device.

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