Custom consolidated reports

Create consolidated reports and present your data, just the way you want – from the beautiful and eye-catching to specific reporting formats you require.

Customise your consolidated reports with Joiin

Easy to navigate and intuitive to use. It offers terrific flexibility for consolidation

Customised reports just a few clicks away

Tailoring your reports has never been easier. A series of simple clicks open a multitude of reporting options – from layouts to meet statuary requirements such as GAPP and IFRS to ways to consolidate into a single line, as well as for remapping or making groups or when performing calculations and presenting results as a single item (such as a KPI).

Customise your consolidated reports with Joiin's features

Customise to your heart’s content

Create your own groups. Add, rename and delete groups, move accounts between and expand and collapse groups.

Visualise your data with our range of donut and bar charts and line graphs, whichever is best for you.

A customised consolidated report in Joiin

Benefit from handy shortcuts for things like what data to display, bulk move, and reselect last if you make a mistake.

Personalise reports with data and graphics, and save them for re-use later.

FAQs regarding custom reports

How do I create custom reports in Joiin to suit my specific business needs?

Creating custom reports in Joiin is a breeze. Navigate to the Custom Reports section on the Joiin dashboard, where you can easily tailor your reports based on specific criteria, such as departments, accounts, or time periods.

The user-friendly interface allows you to design a report that aligns perfectly with your unique business requirements, allowing you to add custom KPIs, charts and groups.

Can I share custom reports with my team or clients using Joiin?

Our custom reporting feature makes collaboration easy by allowing you to share custom reports with team members or clients directly from the platform.

Simply select the report you want to share, customise access permissions, and invite collaborators. This feature ensures everyone stays on the same page, fostering better communication and decision-making.

How can I schedule and automate the generation of custom reports in Joiin?

You can set up recurring schedules to receive reports at specified intervals, ensuring that you stay informed without the need for manual intervention. This time-saving feature allows you to focus on your data rather than spend time generating reports every month.

I have specific key performance indicators (KPIs) I want to monitor. Can Joiin's custom reports accommodate this?

Yes, the custom reports feature is designed to cater to your specific KPIs. You can easily include and customise KPIs in your reports to track the metrics that matter most to your business.

Whether it’s financial ratios, sales performance, or any other key indicators, custom reports give you the flexibility to monitor and analyse your the KPIs that matter to you.

How can Joiin's custom reports help me with budget analysis and variance tracking?

Joiin’s custom reports are powerful tools for budget analysis and variance tracking. Simply utilise the customisation options to compare actuals against budgets and variances. This feature allows you to gain insights into your financial performance, identify areas of improvement, and make informed decisions to keep your business on track.

Can Joiin produce statutory-compliant financial reports that align with GAAP, IFRS, or other mandated standards?

Joiin empowers users with customisable reporting capabilities, enabling the creation of bespoke financial reports tailored to meet statutory requirements or individual preferences with precision.

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