Consolidated Reporting

Joiin quickly creates reports that combine data from multiple Xero and/or QuickBooks companies, enabling you to access the information you need quickly and easily. With no more downloading to spreadsheets and time-consuming merging of data, you can spend your time running your business rather than wrestling with the data.

What is consolidated reporting? Consolidated reporting allows you to group together your related companies to summarise and aid visibility. It can be difficult to accurately gain insight from multiple entities spread across currencies and locations, however Joiin enables you to track performance with multiple business and financial reports, whilst keeping everything in the same place (we can even take care of currency conversions for you).

Flexible reporting periods help you to access your data on a wider scale and customisable reports, graphs and charts mean that you’ll be presentation ready in no time. Working with a team? No problem, you can easily invite them to collaborate or simply download and share customised reports in person. Find out more about Joiin reporting below.

Key Financial Reports

Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cashflow and Trial Balance – fundamental reports for financial reporting and the day-to-day accounting processes in any company. Track everything in one place and access the information you need anywhere, thanks to Joiin’s cloud based software.

Business KPI Reports

Key performance measures for your company at your finger-tips. With over ten critical KPI’s and growing all the time, we’ve added helpful explanations of what they mean and how to interpret them, so that you can make the right decisions for your business. For a full list of the KPI’s you can track with Joiin, simply click on our guide here


Download Reports

Download your data with a simple click of a button – view your reports in Excel, Google Sheets and all major applications.


It’s a small world – working with multiple currencies? No problem, report across organisations with multiple currencies and automatically convert multiple currencies into a single currency of your choice with ease. All currencies are supported.

Flexible Report Periods

Report across a range of periods including monthly, quarterly, annually or even custom date ranges. Compare periods to year-to-date figures or against multiple other periods and access your financial data on a wider scale.

Custom Reports

Customize your reports and see your data in whatever format you need. Create your own groups and formulas and show or hide the details as needed. Save as many reports as you want for later use or download for reporting. Find out more about Joiin custom reports here


Graphs and Charts

Visualise your data with our range of charts and graphs – whichever format works best for your business reporting, we’ve got everything covered.

Share Reports

Invite your colleagues or your accountant to collaborate – they’ll be able to securely login to Joiin and view the reports you share with them.

End-to-end security

Joiin is built on Amazon Web Services and employs the very latest technology to ensure world-class security at every level. Your data is safe with us – for more information on our security policy click here