Inter-company management

Manage complex multi-entity inter-company finances with advanced features for things like eliminations, loans and transactions between companies.

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Simpler elimination reporting

View Sage, QuickBooks or Xero Chart of Accounts and eliminate the information you don’t need with a click of a button, leaving you free to concentrate on the job at hand.

Inter-company eliminations in Joiin

Easily manage complex intercompany finances

See a quick list of all your accounts from the Chart of Accounts for all companies you’ve connected to Joiin.

Easily view and manage accounts and exclude the ones you want from your reports.

Eliminate what you need, such as intercompany loans and transactions across individual companies or at the group level.

Enjoy synched inter-company reports within Joiin

Assign a percentage ownership to each of your Xero, QuickBooks or Sage entities.

Consolidate partially-owned subsidiaries or more complicated organisational structures.

Search for accounts by using a quick filter – then eliminate at the touch of a button.

FAQs regarding inter-company reporting

What is the Inter-company Management feature in Joiin, and how does it benefit my business?

The Inter-company Eliminations feature in Joiin is a critical functionality designed to ensure accurate financial reporting for businesses with multiple subsidiaries or entities. Inter-company transactions occur when different entities within the same organisation engage in transactions with each other, such as sales, purchases, loans, or transfers of assets.

It streamlines the process of managing transactions, eliminating manual work and reducing the risk of errors. This feature is particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple subsidiaries, allowing for a more efficient and accurate inter-company financial management process.

How does Joiin's Inter-company Management feature simplify the eliminations process between subsidiaries?

The Inter-company Management feature allows you to identify corresponding transactions, ensuring accurate and efficient reconciliation. This not only saves time but also enhances the accuracy of your financial data across different entities within your organisation.

Can Joiin's Inter-company Management feature handle transactions in multiple currencies?

Yes – the Inter-company Management feature automatically converts amounts into the appropriate currency, streamlining the inter-company financial management process for businesses operating in diverse international markets.

How does Joiin ensure data security and confidentiality in inter-company transactions?

Joiin is built on Amazon Web Services and employs the latest technology to ensure world-class security at every level. A two-factor authentication process adds essential layers of best-practice security to all accounts.

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