Report packs

Easily group your reports into seamless presentation-ready packs. Then share with stakeholders directly from within Joiin, scheduling them to be sent as an email or using the send option to email at any time.

Our Report packs let you to create printed reports and PDFs documents

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A flexible solution to regular reporting

Select any combination of reports and filters, including custom reports and personalise them with graphics and templates to create polished, professional documents at the press of a button. Package up and run whenever needed, or email reports to stakeholders from within Joiin, meaning you always deliver up-to-the-minute data quickly.

Create report packs within Joiin for presentations and when submitting a printed or PDF report

Enjoy our accounting report packs

Schedule your report packs to be emailed to other users as a PDF or Excel document.

Create more time for yourself and utilise for regular consolidated reporting, such as monthly board reports.

Take your tailored customisations and create beautifully presented information in a format that’s right for you.

With just a few clicks, see everything in one document and export as PDFs for easy distribution.

A mock-up of a printed report pack from within Joiin

Utilise templates with saved filters, that you can package up and re-use later.

Add donut and bar charts and line graphs, and even include multiple data series in your charts.

Combine with custom reports for an even more flexible solution and build group reports exactly as you want.

Use custom reports and report packs together to segment your companies into succinct groups.

FAQs regarding report packs

What is the Report Packs feature in Joiin?

The Report Packs feature in Joiin allows you to have all of your reports in one place. Now you can easily generate comprehensive reports tailored to your specific needs, giving you visibility and clarity over your financial data and a more insightful view of your business’s financial health.

How can I create a custom Report Pack in Joiin to suit my unique reporting requirements?

Creating a custom Report Pack in Joiin is simple. Run your reports and choose ‘Add to report pack’ then follow the intuitive steps to choose the reports you want to include, set the layout, and customise the presentation. This feature allows you to tailor your financial reports, ensuring that you focus on the key metrics and insights that matter to you.

Can I schedule automated Report Pack deliveries in Joiin?

Yes. Schedule automated report deliveries to specific stakeholders or team members and set up regular intervals for report generation and distribution, ensuring that your team receives up-to-date financial information without manual intervention. This automated process saves time and means that everyone is on the same page when it comes to crucial financial insights.

Can I collaborate with clients or team members during the reporting process?

By providing a centralised platform for financial reporting, with custom Report Packs you can share tailored reports with different departments or team members, ensuring that each group receives the relevant information they need. This collaborative approach promotes a better understanding of the financial landscape and facilitates more informed decision-making across your business.

Can I include data from multiple entities in a single Report Pack using Joiin?

Absolutely. The Report Packs feature supports the inclusion of data from multiple entities into a single, consolidated report. This is particularly beneficial for businesses with multiple branches or subsidiaries, allowing you to create comprehensive financial reports that provide a holistic view of the entire organisation.

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