Multi-currency reporting

Working with different currencies? No problem. Report across organisations and multiple currencies and automatically make conversions with ease.

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Working with multiple currencies?

When reporting across organisations with multiple currencies, automatically convert into a single currency of your choice with ease. Use our default exchange rates or enter your own – no matter which one, rest assured, we support all currencies. All multi-currency features are compatible across our range of reporting, such as custom reports and report packs.

Multi-currency exchange rates within Joiin

Easily manage multi-currency consolidations

Set your own currency rates and Joiin automatically adds in adjustments to avoid imbalances.

Automatically keep an adjustment record so everything balances, including month end and average exchange rates for P&L and Balance Sheet reports.

Stay in control when running reports and easily view exchange rates with the click of a button.

Further control which rates to use uses by tweaking settings on an easy-to-use configuration page.

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