Multi-currency reporting

Working with different currencies? No problem. Report across organisations and multiple currencies and automatically make conversions with ease.

Work with and report using multiple currencies in Joiin

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Working with multiple currencies?

When reporting across organisations with multiple currencies, automatically convert into a single currency of your choice with ease. Use our default exchange rates or enter your own – no matter which one, rest assured, we support all currencies. All multi-currency features are compatible across our range of reporting, such as custom reports and report packs.

Multi-currency exchange rates within Joiin

Easily manage multi-currency consolidations

Set your own currency rates and Joiin automatically adds in adjustments to avoid imbalances.

Automatically keep an adjustment record so everything balances, including month end and average exchange rates for P&L and Balance Sheet reports.

Stay in control when running reports and easily view exchange rates with the click of a button.

Further control which rates to use uses by tweaking settings on an easy-to-use configuration page.

FAQs regarding multi-currency reporting

How does Joiin support businesses dealing with multiple currencies?

It’s easy to manage transactions in different currencies – Joiin automatically handles currency conversions to provide accurate and consolidated financial reports.

Can I customise exchange rates in Joiin to reflect real-time market values?

Yes. Joiin allows you to customise exchange rates, giving you the flexibility to use either manually entered rates or automatically fetch real-time rates. This ensures that your financial reports accurately reflect the current market values.

How does Joiin handle currency fluctuations and their impact on financial reports?

Joiin’s Multi-Currency features are designed to handle currency fluctuations seamlessly. The system automatically adjusts for changes in exchange rates, providing accurate and up-to-date financial reports. This ensures that businesses have a clear understanding of their financial position, taking currency fluctuations into account.

Can Joiin help me analyse the performance of my business in different currencies?

Joiin’s reporting capabilities extend to multi-currency analysis. You can generate customised reports that break down financial performance by currency, helping you gain insights into revenue, expenses, and overall profitability across different regions or markets.

Can Joiin help me to reconcile multi-currency transactions?

Joiin simplifies the reconciliation of multi-currency transactions by automatically handling the conversion process. The system reconciles transactions in their respective currencies and then consolidates them, providing a clear and accurate picture of your financials. This feature streamlines the reconciliation process, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

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