Earn commission by creating referrals for Joiin

Our affiliate partner programme builds on our company’s strong organic growth in the Fintech and cloud accounting sectors, aiming to connect with more partners globally with the help of the affiliate management team at Reditus.

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Why Joiin’s new affiliate partner programme?

Central to our company’s success is an innovative product-led growth approach that will be of keen interest to potential affiliates looking for a committed collaborative partner, solid conversion rates and an appealing platform to generate referrals.

Joiin boasts a high conversion rate – from a free trial to a paid subscription – of 33%.

Annual subscriptions account for 56% of paid sign-ups with Joiin.

96% of existing annual users renew every year with Joiin.

By offering an intuitive user interface, 94% of Joiin users onboard themselves without reaching out for support, simplifying user take-up.

The Joiin consolidated reporting platform utilises self-service onboarding and its intuitive interface removes the need for several layers of sales, onboarding and training. This allows us to keep prices lower than our competitors, further encouraging adoption and renewals.

Incorporating an effortless set-up, using single sign-on integrations with leading cloud accounting software such as Xero and QuickBooks Online, means a rapid time to value for new Joiin users during the free trial period.

In our recent survey, customers said that they get immediate value from our platform – within an average of seven minutes when onboarding and in the form of a first off-the-shelf report being run.


A message from Joiin’s Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Shipway:

“Working with Reditus, our first-ever affiliate partner programme is an exciting step, enabling us to recruit new affiliates and grow outside of our network.”

“For affiliates looking to build referrals with us, my message is that we’re a fully committed partner offering solid conversion rates and an extremely attractive platform that has already grown exponentially organically.”

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