Multi-client access

Designed for accountants and advisors, manage multiple clients under one Joiin subscription and enable access to carefully selected stakeholders.

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“Makes consolidation really simple and super easy to customise”

Created explicitly for accountants and advisors

Our multi-client feature means you can use the Joiin platform to drive more clients under one simplified Joiin account. Whether you want to manage a few customers or hundreds, multi-client lets you and your colleagues work on client reports and data together at the click of a button.

Here’s how our multi-client feature might work for pretend accountancy firm, Ace Accountants:

Schematic of multi-client feature from Joiin

Easily manage multiple clients

Split your Joiin subscription into multiple clients, each accessed separately, and quickly switch between clients, right there on-screen.

View, add and remove teammates – users who can access clients across your Joiin subscription, to perform necessary actions for these clients.

View, add, remove, and switch between clients – a list of all clients under your Joiin subscription plus the companies they currently have connected.

Multi-client settings in Joiin

Deliver a better service to your clients by combining our multi-client feature with Joiin’s report packs to create off-the-shelf insight for your customers.

Let our industry-leading security work behind the scenes to keep your clients’ data protected, enabling you to work in confidence.

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