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Don’t use Xero, QuickBooks or Sage? Prefer to work away from a finance system, yet want the best of business cloud accounting? You can still get all our consolidated reporting features with Joiin Unplugged.

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Love this app, really easy and simple to use. Consolidation out of the box!

Joiin unplugged = consolidated reporting made easy

get more from spreadsheets

Endless fields and formulas are great in Excel but Joiin turns your spreadsheets into powerful reports and presentations.

save time with Joiin

It’s the app for consolidating financial, sales and KPI reports using your data, saving you time by simplifying the way you work.

import in minutes

Simply upload your CSV and bring together multiple complex company data to seamlessly create consolidations and reports.

super-easy to use

Start managing your data and producing reports – and see everything within Joiin on any device, whether at your desk or on the go.

your fully-featured cloud accounting app

Get a wealth of essential business cloud accounting features, to bring together complex data, crunch the numbers that matter and quickly produce reports.

Go from manual to automated consolidations, with ease

Easy-to-do consolidated reporting

Once your data is in our cloud accounting app, enjoy financial & performance reports, KPI reports and sales & purchasing reports at your fingertips, whether our highly effective off-the-shelf layouts or presentation-ready report packs. Go even further with custom reports.

More core features include multi-currency conversions to flexible reporting by period, company and category. Automatically include budgets from Xero and fine tune your results with inter-company eliminations and achieve greater collaboration with your team simply by inviting them to collaborate or download reports; while our multi-client feature allows you to manage multiple clients under one Joiin subscription and give access to carefully selected stakeholders.

All available on-the-go on any device, with end-to-end security built in.

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How to work with Joiin unplugged:

It’s quick and easy to get set up and running with Joiin Unplugged. Sign up to Joiin, upload your CSV spreadsheets and you’re pretty much done. All of our rich features will be available to you on our business cloud platform – from powerful consolidated reporting and filtering to multi-conversions and greater collaboration.

What our customers say:

This great little app does pretty much everything I wanted it for at a fraction of the price of fancier ones. The company is really responsive and helpful too. It saved me hours of work right from the start as it's so easy to use. Couldn't function without it now. Highly recommend.
Pauline Kell, For Spills Ltd
I don't know how I missed using Joiin for years! As we run nearly a dozen similar businesses a single view comparing the health and strength of each business is more vital now than ever. I also feel the product feedback I've provided in the past few months has been actioned!
Teri Wilson, Xenon Partners
I have been searching for something to meet the reporting requirements of a client. Joiin has allowed me to replicate exactly the format that my client wants and to consolidate the group profit and loss and take the stress out of a time consuming monthly excel manipulation.
James Rudd, Jaracs Ltd
Great app at a great price - particularly in comparison to others on the market. I've been using for a couple of months now and it's saved me a lot of time. Love the new updates and have suggested a few myself, which I am told are being worked on - very happy.
Laura Wilson
I have used Joiin for nearly a year now for clients to do group consolidations in multicurrency. Joiin handles it all well. Particularly like the ability to customise reporting to client needs. It is cost effective and time saving. Would recommend
Victoria Buerk, Consultant CFO Services, USA
For months I've been looking for an online app that could consolidate Xero data from multiple organizations. There are a few out there... Then I discovered Joiin and the amazing folks behind it. Joiin is extremely simple, cheap and can be customized. Definitely recommended!
Giovanni Cipriano
I'd been looking for Xero consolidation software for a while and Joiin really fitted the bill. Not only that, but it's come on leaps and bounds since I first signed up, lots of new features, including one that I requested directly... within one month of the request! I can't recommend enough!
Joe Scarboro, The Bot Platform

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