Budgeting & Forecasting

Display your budget information alongside actual amounts in your consolidated reports and financial presentations.

Budgeting and forecasting features in Joiin

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Bring budgets into your reports and presentations

Joiin automatically pulls budget data from Xero and QuickBooks, or you can import budgets from Sage, to provide a consolidated budget figure. Control which budgets to include from your original data and easily switch between various budgets.

Budgets in Joiin

Budget reporting & forecasting, covered

Automatically import your budgets from Xero and QuickBooks Online data.

View budgets and forecasts and compare them to actual values, see variances and variance %s.

Switch between budgets to compare reports – such as seeing budget vs actual, P&L or balance sheets – all with a simple toggle button.

Available budgets shown in Joiin

Need to create your own? No problem – produce your own budgets directly in Joiin using our CSV Import feature.

Manually import your budgets from Sage.

Customise how you present your budgets and forecasts, thanks to our custom reports feature.

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