Sales & Purchasing reports

Go beyond financials with our consolidated sales reports, such as sales by customer and AR/AP reports.

Sales reporting within Joiin

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Get a perfect view of sales

Our sales reports will provide you with an improved view of sales and cash collection across all your business and groups of companies, better visualised in great-looking reports and presentations.

Sales and purchasing reports within Joiin

See how sales are progressing

Customise reports to get the best view of sales across your businesses and groups, such as seeing gross, net or tax amounts.

See cash collection at a glance with an A/R ageing report, plus view by company to help you keep track of invoices.

Graphic showing the information process within Joiin from supplier to invoice details

Keep on top of bills and expenses with A/P ageing report and see at a glance what’s owed to whom and when it’s due.

Drill down into your Xero data and find the specific answers, such as top-10 customers by sales and new deals.

FAQs regarding sales & purchasing reports

How does Joiin assist in analysing customer behaviour through Sales Reports?

Joiin’s Sales Reports give you a detailed analysis of customer behaviour, allowing you to understand purchasing patterns and preferences.

Identify your most loyal customers, track customer acquisition costs, and analyse the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. With this information, you can refine your sales strategies to better cater to your customer base.

Can I customise Joiin's Sales Reports to fit the specific needs of my business?

With extensive customisation options for Sales Reports, you can tailor the reports to focus on specific time periods, product categories, or customer segments.

Whether you need an overview of overall sales or a detailed breakdown, Joiin’s customisable features allow you to extract the exact insights your business requires.

How does Joiin support sales forecasting through its reporting features?

The Sales Report features provide valuable data for sales forecasting. By analysing historical sales data, identifying trends, and understanding customer behaviour, you can make accurate predictions for future sales.

Joiin’s reporting tools make it easy to create and adjust forecasts, helping you stay ahead of market changes.

Can Joiin's Sales Reports help me track individual product performance?

Yes, you can easily identify best-selling products, monitor inventory turnover, and assess the profitability of each item using sales reports. This level of detail empowers you to make data-driven decisions to enhance your product offerings.

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