Global Search and transactional drill-down

Bring your transactional data into Joiin and easily find and drill into transactions with our comprehensive search feature.

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“Really like the ability to click on items and get all the details it relates to”

Click and connect to any of your transactions

Our new Global Search feature integrates seamlessly with your Xero, QuickBooks and Sage transactions to enhance your consolidated group reporting. With your transactional data in Joiin, run comprehensive searches, see everything in one place, and seamlessly drill down into transactions via a hyperlink to your cloud accounting software.

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Your transactions – easy to find and manage

See transactions in one place, listed as individual entries, such as invoices, bills, payments, and credit notes.

Drill down into the details via a hyperlink – a new tab automatically opens, showing that transaction in your Xero, QuickBooks, or Sage account.

Comprehensively search across group entities.

Screenshots of how you can drill-down into individual transactions within Joiin

Filter search results your way to find the transactions you need.

Drill down into any figure in Joiin and see the underlying journal entries that make up your numbers.

Transactions can be automatically imported to Joiin.

Global search and transactional drill-down FAQs

Will Global Search let me manage my group’s transactions more easily within Joiin?

Yes. Our powerful Global Search feature means you can search all your transactions to find individual invoices, bills, payments, etc. You can drill down into specific transactions from your search, opening these in your Xero, QuickBooks or Sage account via a hyperlink.

How can I drill down into individual journal entries?

From any Joiin report, you can also drill down into specific journal entries. Click on a value in your Joiin report to view the journal entries that make up those values, just as you would in a Xero account transaction report for example.

How do I get my transactional data into Joiin?

Your transactions can be automatically imported to Joiin from your cloud accounting software.

Is Global Search like features I already use elsewhere?

Yes, it is very similar. We have designed the feature to look and feel the same as Xero, QuickBooks and Sage, and to act similarly. For example, you can see all your transactions in one place, presented as lists based on your account categories, with each item a hyperlink letting you click through to individual transactions and underlying journal entries.

How will it benefit me within Joiin?

Our Global Search feature, alongside your transactional data within Joiin, will provide more control over your data, letting you access and manage this more easily. With greater access to your data, you can see everything in one place and drill down into the details of your source documents within your cloud accounting software.

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