Supercharge your Xero reporting

Author: Paul Shipway / April 25, 2023

Xero reporting is easier with the right app

If you’re already using Xero cloud accounting software, it has the considerable benefit of offering over 1,000 apps and add-ons that will supercharge everything, including your financial reporting. Here we look at what you should expect from a Xero reporting app.

Dynamic real-time reporting

Having dynamic financial data at hand is crucial. It provides you with real-time insights into the financial health of a business, enabling informed decision-making and helping identify trends and patterns, allowing you to adapt and make strategic data-driven decisions.

A considerable benefit of integrating a reporting app into your Xero setup is that it brings a dynamic dimension to your data, offering a range of reporting and delivering an up-to-the-minute picture, which keeps your finger on the pulse of finances.

For example, once your Xero data is securely connected to our Joiin app, you can produce consolidated group reports quickly and easily, something impossible to do directly within Xero. Our app crunches the numbers and then consolidates your data in real-time.

All of this means that time-consuming static spreadsheets and overly complex manual processes are a thing of the past.

Dashboard reporting

A real-time dashboard is the perfect example of dynamic data at work.

A dashboard is an on-screen summary that lets you quickly grasp that day’s highlights, instantly make sense of your KPIs and track progress there and then.

With data brought together on one screen, you can see patterns as they emerge, providing a visual cue to improve decision-making and enable rapid adjustments.

Suppose you’re working with a consolidated portfolio. In that case, our app’s dashboard provides a clearer real-time picture of performance across all business entities, with critical numbers like operating profit margins, cash in the bank, and total revenues.

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For effective Xero reporting create report packs within Joiin

A powerful reporting suite

Say you’re trying to produce a financial report and struggling with multiple workarounds, perhaps exporting data to spreadsheets as part of this work.

If so, the correct reporting app will be one of your most powerful assets.

It will do much of the heavy lifting behind the scenes, number crunching for you to produce robust and accurate reports. For example, many reporting apps offer time-saving pre-built templates, removing the strain from monthly reporting. Our Joiin app has five core off-the-shelf reports: profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow, KPIs, and trial balance.

While off-the-shelf reports are ideal for common reporting scenarios, there will be times when you need a tailor-made report, such as a bespoke client presentation, or to meet a specific regional accounting requirement.

Our Joiin platform has a complete set of filters and features, meaning you can easily customise reports to meet your needs. You can even go one step further and use your tailored customisations to create highly professional report packs.

“The correct reporting app will be one of your most powerful assets. It will do much of the heavy lifting behind the scenes, number crunching for you to produce robust and accurate reports.”

Consolidated group reporting

Are you looking to consolidate data from multiple companies in Xero?

Want to create great-looking reports for your stakeholders?

Joiin is a 5-star rated Xero App, an official Xero consolidated reporting add-on. It’s quick and easy to set up. Follow a few steps to authorise and securely connect your Xero companies.

Once connected, start running reports, with data automatically kept in sync.

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