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Baxter World use Joiin to drive informed decision making

Baxter World is a firm of chartered accountants delivering small business accounting services. By focusing on outsourced bookkeeping, payroll and management accounts, the team ensures its customers can worry less about wading through paperwork and focus more on running their businesses.

The challenge

Running a bustling service through Excel finally proved too complicated and error-prone for the team at Baxter World. They were finding the entire consolidation process painful. They wouldn’t prepare accounts monthly because it was simply too time-consuming due to complex Excel formatting. The whole process placed too heavy a demand on the company’s account managers; further complicated because of a non-homogeneous chart of accounts.

The solution

Baxter World started using Joiin in 2021. Already using Xero with its clients, the Joiin platform provided a seamless solution (it’s an official add-on for the accounting software brand).

The company initially used Joiin for one hospitality client only – but were so pleased with the results – it now incorporates our platform into work for multiple clients. They rate Joiin as extremely easy to set up.

Baxter World has 9 staff utilising Joiin regularly, with relevant access also granted to tens of clients at any one time.

The company currently has 25 client Xero accounts synced on our Joiin platform, running 100+ budgets.

Every quarter, the company runs at least 250 financial reports for its clients from within Joiin.

“Joiin has been a game changer in terms of how we manage our accounting service and clients’ accounts. It has simplified how we work and saves us time, which we would never get back without Joiin.”

The benefits

Time savings / One single source of truth now in place / Informed decision making / Automated reporting / Improved accuracy, with previous formatting errors removed

  • Delivers recurring time savings, as once Joiin is set up there is no more on-going formatting required.
  • Provides a single view of each client’s chart of accounts, allowing the Baxter World team to compare and fix differences quickly, in one place. (One of the first tasks within Joiin was to tidy and bring consistency to each chart of accounts.)
  • Enables Baxter World accountants to view multiple Xero entities on one page, saving vast amounts of time each month (by not having to go into entities individually).
  • Drives management reporting and informed decision-making, with clients benefitting from a finance-director-grade dashboard, which can also be used to inform investors and banks.

Use case

During the 2021 pandemic, Baxter World was able to view which of the companies under its management had taken out what particular Coronavirus-related loan.

The team could easily scan through automated reports in Joiin to see which companies had values in loan accounts, providing an overview of multiple companies instantly, without going into each Xero instance individually.

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