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Blue Wireless simplifies global financial management using Joiin

Blue Wireless is a new generation wireless network service provider for global enterprises. It enables flexible wireless network access for branches, remote sites, maritime and IoT implementations using the latest LTE/5G technology. Established in 2015, Blue Wireless has grown rapidly serving customers in 80+ countries around the world from 7 global offices.

The challenge

As the company grew and new local entities were established, new local accounting was also introduced. Creating a common view across all entities for monthly business reporting was nearly impossible.

Using a myriad of Excel spreadsheets and manual consolidation, the process became ever more time-consuming. As the business expanded, it became more prone to errors.

The situation became unsustainable.

Consolidations needed a fix.

The solution

Blue Wireless selected Joiin to manage and automate the full financial consolidation across multiple business entities. The team found it extremely easy to connect with its existing accounting system Xero and very intuitive to configure reporting that was needed for the business. As more entities were opened, these were easily added.

Today, multiple internal staff globally use Joiin regularly, while it can also be easily opened up for external parties, such as auditors on a temporary basis. Consolidated reports are run for a variety of functions, including profit & loss, cash management, receivables and customer and product revenues. On a yearly basis, hundreds of reports are generated, some scheduled monthly, some ad-hoc, depending on the needs of the business.

Blue Wireless has 10 staff utilising Joiin regularly, with relevant access also granted to tens of stakeholders at any one time.

The company currently has around 10 client Xero accounts synced on our Joiin platform, running 25 budgets.

Every quarter, the company runs around 300+ financial reports for its clients from within Joiin.

“Joiin changes the game when it comes to consolidation. Now it’s always there, automated, at our fingertips, and something we do and use every day. No longer is it the tedious and time-consuming process we would dread every month.”

Ivan Landen, CEO, Blue Wireless

The benefits

Time-savings / Reporting to support business decisions / Ensures accuracy by eliminating mistakes / Peace of mind / Easy collaboration / Simple pricing

  • Significant time savings for the Blue Wireless finance team to manage global consolidation and reporting processes.
  • Ad hoc reporting can be used for business decisions, which can be run on demand on a very granular level, supporting the business outside the finance team.
  • Eliminates any consolidation mistakes and takes the guesswork out of currencies, dates, formats etc.
  • Full peace of mind for senior management by having all up-to-date and accurate finance information at your fingertips.
  • Easy collaboration and reporting options, eliminating the need to create and send reports manually, even so all relevant stakeholders can check in anytime, anywhere.
  • Simple pricing model with unlimited licenses allows access on demand to auditors, temporary consultants or anyone needing to view finances.


“I would highly recommend Joiin for any business managing multiple entities and struggling with keeping a financial overview. We selected Joiin for consolidation, but it has become an indispensable business tool for us, used daily,” according to Ivan Landen, CEO, Blue Wireless.

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