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Great Dental Websites use Joiin to deliver accurate and consistent consolidated reporting

Great Dental Websites deliver a powerful, dental-specific software platform that allows its customers to always have a new website. The company has helped over 900 dental professionals of all specialities to create an effective website for their dental practice and develop profitable online marketing campaigns. Primarily based in the US, the company also has branches in Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The challenge

Great Dental Websites increasingly required lots of spreadsheets to manage consolidations regularly. Using a spreadsheet-based consolidation process really started to emphasise issues with accuracy, as the company’s team were having to trawl back through data which was time consuming and error prone.

Some of the biggest gripes were eliminations and currency issues, as the company needed to apply lots of exchange rate formulas that were often incorrect.

The solution

Having looked for a consolidation product for years, Great Dental Websites discovered and happily selected Joiin. Our software was chosen for its ability to save time, reduce consolidation errors and deliver consistent reporting.

Today, founder and CEO at Great Dental Websites, Jeff Gladnick, is delighted with our platform, noting that the required level of consistency in reporting was never there before, but is now ever-present – and takes less time per month – with Joiin in place.

Great Dental Websites has 5 staff utilising Joiin regularly across its global team.

The company has multiple Xero companies on our Joiin platform, running 1 consolidated group budget.

Every quarter, the company runs around 250+ reports from within Joiin, including numerous custom reports.

“I’ve been looking for something like your product for years and now I’m the biggest Joiin advocate. Joiin works like a dream and saves us tons of time every month. I love what you guys are doing.”

Jeff Gladnick, Founder and CEO, Great Dental Websites

The benefits

Saves time / Eliminates manual errors / Delivers greater financial insights / Enables more collaboration between teams / Automates processes / Offers great support

  • Saves around 10 hours per month, as consolidation data can be pulled within seconds and reports generated automatically, where previously this took days.
  • Eliminates manual errors and delivers new levels of consistency – something near-impossible to achieve without Joiin’s automated multi-currency and eliminations features.
  • Powers greater financial insights for multiple stakeholders within the company, enabling teams spread across 2 continents and 4 countries to share one accurate picture of group accounts.
  • Includes a great support team, who are always attentive and prompt at resolving any technical issues.

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