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Why Joiin?

We know that producing consolidated group reports can be a headache and extremely tricky to do directly within QuickBooks Online without our app. That’s why we created Joiin: to make consolidated reporting effortless across QuickBooks companies like yours.

We’re a QuickBooks Business Affiliate

We’ve joined forces with QuickBooks to offer you an exclusive 90-day free trial. Over the course of your extended trial, we’re confident you’ll crack those complex consolidations with our powerful platform.

Ready-made reporting

Because Joiin is QuickBooks approved, you can securely connect to your QuickBooks Online account in minutes.

Our platform then crunches the numbers and consolidates your data, presenting critical metrics immediately on a dashboard. You can also run off-the-shelf reports, including currency conversions and straightforward eliminations, and start to build your own custom reports and bespoke reporting packs.

Easy-on-your-pocket pricing

You can sign-up for an extended 90-day free trial above. But here are some of the popular pricing packages our happy customers opt for.

Starter package

2 companies



Medium package

10 companies



Small package

5 companies



XX-Large package

Unlimited companies



Scaled pricing based on the number of QuickBooks companies in Joiin.

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What others say about us

Our platform features on QuickBooks’ marketplace, regularly earning 5-star reviews.

Saves so much time! Used to have to export multiple companies to excel spreadsheets then meticulously combine them and create new formulas. This product removes all of that, just connect and done!”

Fast and Smart
QuickBooks 5-star review 

Great App! I was struggling with another app for consolidations which was very buggy and not very intuitive – then I found Joiin and my world changed. Everything that I was trying to do I was able to do in Joiin within 2 hours. It is very intuitive and accurate. Thanks for making such a great program!.”

QuickBooks 5-star review

Consolidation made simple! We have 5 QBO accounts – this app allows me to create consolidated P&L reports easily. Set up was fast, about 10 minutes. And I can make reports by Class! This app will replace an app that cost 5x the cost of this one. Highly recommend!”

Emma F
QuickBooks 5-star review

Some crucial FAQs

How does the Joiin platform connect with my cloud accounting software?

Our Joiin platform uses Oauth2 as it needs to first connect with your accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online, to access and then consolidate your data.

With Joiin and QBO as an example: using the Oauth2 workflow, our platform would request access to your software and its data – the extent you would need to approve before anything goes further. The workflow involves authorisation via time-limited codes and would result in Joiin being able to access some of your QBO data.

Our platform only requests ‘read only’ access, which means we only take the required data to perform our consolidation task. We cannot change your data at its source.

How is company data consolidated?

Report data is consolidated in Joiin by default using a combination of the Account Type, Account Code and Account Name. So, accounts from different companies with the same Type, Code and Name will be combined into a single account when viewed in a Joiin report.

This can be changed via the Configuration page on the top right menu. You can change it to consolidate only by Type and Code or by Type and Name.

How often is company data refreshed within Joiin?

Company data is refreshed automatically in the background every 24 hours. You can invoke a manual refresh at any time through the Companies page.

How can I contact support?

We have several support channels. You can get in touch via support tickets, by emailing, using our live chat feature (look for the yellow chat box at the bottom left of your screen when on our website), or by using our website contact form.

Are there any demo videos on how to use Joiin?

You can watch a pre-recorded demo on our website or other how-to videos on our Joiin YouTube channel.

Why is Joiin a QuickBooks Business Affiliate?

Joiin is a QuickBooks Business Affiliate because our consolidated financial reporting platform works seamlessly with QuickBooks Online. It is a great fit for both companies.

The program also helps us to reach and build deeper relationships with small business customers, helping them to solve the complex challenge of consolidated financial reporting.

As part of the program, we’ve joined forces with QuickBooks to offer an exclusive 90-day free trial. Over the course of your extended trial, we’re confident you’ll crack those complex consolidations with our powerful platform.

What happens at the end of the extended free trial?

As your trial ends, we’ll get in touch to let you know that’s the case and to help you decide which paid subscription plan is the best for you.

We offer scaled pricing based on the number of QuickBooks companies you add to our Joiin platform.

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