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July 1st, 2021

‘How do you use Joiin?’ Q&A with RealDecoy

In our new case study Q&A series asking ‘how do you use Joiin?’, the first of our customers we’re talking to is Ceri-Anne Watson of Canada based tech firm RealDecoy.

Can you tell us a little about RealDecoy and where you’re based?

RealDecoy provide software development acceleration and consulting services to clients in the United States, Canada, and Jamaica.  This is accomplished through corporations in each country, along with several joint venture product companies.”

What are the main challenges you face around reporting and consolidation?

Multi-currency departmental level consolidation was traditionally a very manual process and was done using spreadsheets to try and re-state everything with consistent exchange rates.  This was typically only possible once a month with significant effort.”

How long have you been using Joiin and how does your company use it? 

“We have been using Joiin since November 2020, and our primary purpose is to provide consolidated financial (IS & BS) reports for all companies in Xero. In addition, we now use it to produce Accounts Receivables and custom financial reports.”

“We love the ability to create and modify financial reports, then add them to the Report pack template that can quickly generate a PDF to submit to management.”

What’s your favourite feature?

“The Report Pack tool. We love the ability to create and modify financial reports, then add them to the Report pack template that can quickly generate a PDF to submit to management. Consolidated Accounts Receivable is a real not-so-hidden gem that has allowed us to re-engineer our processes to be more efficient.”

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to implement a new reporting system?

“Start by replicating your existing reports and comparing them to reports that have been prepared manually in the past.  This will give you confidence in your implementation before you explore all of the additional capabilities Joiin provides.”


Ceri-Anne Watson is a People Development Manager at RealDecoy, you can get in touch or find out more about them here.


About our ‘How do you use Joiin?” series

We’re running a new series of Q&A blogs introducing you to some of our customers and talking to them about their business and how they use Joiin to streamline consolidated financial reporting.

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