September 8th, 2022

Why Joiin? Watch our new explainer video

Having recently created new video content, here we share a short film explaining ‘why Joiin’ and how to solve the complexities surrounding manual consolidated reporting processes.

16 June 2022

Meet your new dashboard

Hot off the press and our most significant update this year, we’re delighted to introduce you to the new Joiin dashboard. Find out more below.

10 December 2021

10 top tips for Joiin users

Throughout the Autumn we’ve been running a weekly Top Tips series on social media, sharing time-saving insights and handy tips on features that you might not know about. Feedback has been very positive, so we’ve collated tips into one blog to help with everything from creating granular reports to simplifying partial eliminations.

16 November 2021

Multi-client makes life easier

A small-looking feature with a big impact, multi-client is one of our latest that’s been rolling out to Joiin customers for only a short while. Find out more in our blog below.

14 September 2021

How to manage complex eliminations within Joiin

Learn how to use Joiin to manage even the most complicated eliminations with this explainer.

26 August 2021

5 ways to use financial reporting packs within Joiin

Like all Joiin features, Report Packs have the potential to save you hours of time every month. Here are five ways to create great-looking, management style reports and streamline your month-end process.

21 June 2021

How Secure Is My Data?

Today we thought we’d focus on the top three questions we’re asked on security and tell you a little more about why Joiin’s security set-up is top of the class.

15 June 2021

Reclassifying your accounts (video)

Presented by Customer Success Manager, Harry Symons, this video looks at how you can change your Joiin account items between credits being positive and debits being positive, reclassifying accounts.

09 June 2021

Managing eliminations & inter-company transactions (video)

Presented by Customer Success Manager, Harry Symons, this video looks at a range of Joiin features to help you manage eliminations and inter-company transactions quickly and easily.

07 June 2021

How to toggle between different budget views

In another bite-sized how-to, we share a video and introduce our new column and compact view of budgets, and the feature that enables you to toggle between the two.