May 19th, 2022

We’ve moved into our new office!

You may have seen on social media that we’ve moved into our new office at the Exeter Science Park. We’re delighted to be in. Read more about our latest move here.

08 March 2022

How to solve 5 common consolidated reporting headaches

As the consolidated reporting app for your cloud accountancy software, Joiin brings together data from multiple entities to create group reports easily. It provides the solutions for these common reporting headaches.

01 March 2022

Catch our cloud apps feature in XU Magazine

We’re delighted to see our cloud finance apps feature and infographic in the latest issue of XU Magazine, the independent magazine for Xero users, by Xero users.

10 January 2022

3 ways to build cloud apps & add-ons into your accounting

Here we look at three steps to take in your journey towards cloud accounting and integrating apps and add-ons into the way you work.

11 October 2021

5 things to consider with financial consolidation software

You may well be considering financial consolidation software to do some of your reporting heavy-lifting and release some of the burdens, freeing you for extra work. Here are 5 things to consider as you scope what you need and review software.

14 September 2021

How to manage complex eliminations within Joiin

Learn how to use Joiin to manage even the most complicated eliminations with this explainer.

26 August 2021

5 ways to use financial reporting packs within Joiin

Like all Joiin features, Report Packs have the potential to save you hours of time every month. Here are five ways to create great-looking, management style reports and streamline your month-end process.

04 March 2021

Reporting consolidated financial information

Part two of our financial consolidation reporting series looks at how best to use multiple Xero, QuickBooks Online or Sage accounts alongside Joiin to prepare consolidated financial reports.

02 March 2021

Financial consolidation reporting

Part one of our financial consolidation reporting series looks at preparing consolidated reports for multiple companies in order to provide a full picture of financial health.