July 13th, 2022

Our latest campaign focuses on consolidated group reporting

Keep an eye out for our latest campaign alongside ICAEW, which explores five consolidated group reports and why you need them. Find out more here in our latest blog.

Five consolidated group reports and why you need them

Alongside ICAEW, our latest campaign asks: do you have the reports that allow your data to tell its story and present a straightforward narrative?

We then explore five consolidated group reports and why you need them to help make sense of all the financial data available to you and improve client reporting if you’re an accountant or reporting across your business if you work in a finance team.

You can catch our latest blog on the ICAEW website but do also keep an eye out for us across social media.

About the campaign

Our latest campaign delves into five reports available within our consolidated reporting platform. It includes the following reports:

Dashboard – an on-screen report which lets you quickly grasp that day’s highlights and make sense of your numbers.

Pre-built off-the-shelf reports – which take the strain out of monthly consolidated group reporting, clawing back vital time for you.

Customisable reports – with the potential to include branding, filters and features to help you edit reports and build the financial narrative you want to present.

Report packs – which you can easily create within Joiin to deliver regular in-depth reporting, such as monthly client reports or board presentations.

Automated reports – any of your reports created within Joiin can be made automatically available. And for accountants, our multi-client feature lets you do this within a separate area for each client, where you can automate how reports are shared.

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