March 8th, 2022

How to solve 5 common consolidated reporting headaches

As the consolidated reporting app for your cloud accountancy software, Joiin brings together data from multiple entities to create group reports easily. It provides the solutions for these common reporting headaches.

Joiin will save you hours of work each month.

With simple integrations for Xero, QuickBooks, and Sage, you can connect your cloud accounting software to Joiin in minutes. Then start consolidating complex multi-entity data and run time-saving off-the-shelf reports, such as profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flow, KPIs and trial balance.

The end goal: you’ll spend less time wrangling with headache-inducing spreadsheets every month and more time growing your business.

Reporting headache #1: It takes hours to generate group consolidated reports

Joiin’s ready-made automations remove human error.

Our automations mean you can access your data at the touch of a button and, with the aid of flexible reporting filters, and create real-time professional reports customised to your needs.

When reporting across organisations with multiple currencies, Joiin automatically converts into a single currency of your choice, with ease. You can also use our default exchange rates or enter your own – but rest assured, Joiin supports all currencies.

Manage complex inter-company finances, such as loans and transactions between companies, and achieve more straightforward intercompany eliminations. With
simplified filtering, eliminate the information you don’t need.

HEAReporting headache #2: Using Excel, there’s too much room for error

With Joiin, simplify how you work.

Whether you’re working with your immediate team or want to better include your accountant in finances, Joiin lets you collaborate easily and share reports.

Invite others to view and collaborate on centralised reports wherever they’re working.

Remember: Joiin makes it easy to always control permissions and access levels.

Reporting headache #3: Managing too many spreadsheet changes is difficult

View all necessary data in one Joiin report pack.

Report packs are what we call the ultimate in flexible reporting, allowing you to create printed documents and PDFs containing multiple Joiin reports and charts.

Select any combination of reports and filters, and personalise them with graphics to create polished, professional documents at the press of a button. Package them up and run whenever you need to, seamlessly delivering up-to-the-minute data.

Reports packs let you quickly grasp the figures and make fast, accurate decisions.

HEAReporting headache #4: I need better reports so I can easily digest figures

Joiin starts at £9/month.

You get all our features for limitless users with simpler company-based pricing.

Click and connect in minutes and benefit from friendly support to get you up and running and to keep you on track as you run as many reports as you need.

What we describe as limitless users, full support, and endless reporting.

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HEADAReporting headache #5: A new system could be expensive and too complex
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