July 10th, 2023

Three new features you need right now

Ahead of our monthly features round up, we’re highlighting three new features from the Joiin development team to help you optimise your workflow and improve efficiency.

Three new features you need right now within Joiin

Group Structure

Now you can create groups of companies and run reports by group as well as by company. This helps speed up your reporting by letting you quickly select a set of companies. It also allows you to report by group, giving you a breakdown, summarised by group rather than individual entity.

Elimination Sets

With our new Elimination Sets feature you can create groups of account Eliminations which you can then switch between when running reports. This can help when you have different regions or other groupings with different elimination requirements. You can choose which Elimination Set to apply in each report within a Report Pack too – providing further flexibility to your reporting requirements.

Smart Importing

Our new Smart Importing feature makes manual importing of financial data from files much easier. Now the Account Type field is optional – if you don’t include it, Joiin will match your accounts to the best Account Type, based on the account code and name you supply. Joiin will use standard Xero/QuickBooks/Sage account data along with your existing company data to work out the type – and as you add more data Joiin uses machine learning and gets better at matching!

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