November 16th, 2021

Multi-client makes life easier

A small-looking feature with a big impact, multi-client is one of our latest that’s been rolling out to Joiin customers for only a short while. Find out more in our blog below.

Explicitly designed for accountants and advisors…

Our multi-client feature lets you manage multiple clients under one Joiin subscription.

It means you can use the Joiin platform to drive more clients, all under one simplified Joiin account and with a handy dashboard view. What’s more, whether you want to manage a few customers or hundreds, multi-client lets you and your colleagues work on client reports and data together at the click of a button.

Multi-client in a nutshell:

You can split your Joiin subscription into multiple clients and easily switch between them.

Even manage teammates’ access, giving them sight of client data and reports if need be.

The feature also seamlessly integrates with the rest of our Joiin platform and works fantastically well with report packs, letting you create off-the-shelf insight for your clients.

As always, our industry-leading security works behind the scenes to keep your clients’ data protected, enabling you to work in confidence.

Find out more:

Click here to read more about our multi-client feature.

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