Revolutionise multi-entity month end

At Mayday, they’re dreaming big. The company’s mission is to bring about real-time accounting for the finance teams of startups and SMEs.

Finance teams play a crucial role in their company’s success, with the unique capacity to deliver business insights and management information. Today’s finance teams are hampered by the time-consuming process of manually manipulating data at each month’s end.

Mayday is creating a world where accurate accounting can be automated, freeing up time for finance teams to be able to deliver maximum value to their company.

Mayday is “a multi-entity must have” and Xero Emerging App of the Year 2023.

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Joiin + Mayday

Working alongside Mayday to achieve our mutual goals, we like to support finance teams to discover how to minimise the madness of a multi-entity month-end.

Delivering webinars that centre around Q&As with experienced month-end veterans, our joint content explores the common challenges of closing month-end with multiple group entities and best practices for overcoming such challenges. We also discuss the technology stack solutions and options that are available to finance teams to make month-end as pain-free as possible.

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Recent collaborations

Webinar series: How to build an enterprise-level system with Xero

We’re delighted to be involved in Mayday’s latest webinar series, coming to you in September 2023 over 14 individual sessions.

Webinar: Multi-entity month end for Xero

Sign up for our latest webinar with Mayday and joint customer, Arbolus, for a webinar masterclass on the common challenges of closing month end with multiple group entities and the best practices for overcoming these challenges.