2019 so far – we’ve been busy!

How can it be almost May already? We haven’t stopped at Joiin HQ - new developments have been released every few weeks and there are more on the way.   To sum up what’s new with Joiin this year so far, we’ve listed our updates and developments below.  


Reporting by Company

Now you can view the report data for each company in its own column, with the total consolidated amounts in a final column.  This was requested by a lot of our users and is a popular feature.


Chart of Accounts and Eliminations

We recently added the ability to eliminate individual accounts from the reports – useful for things such as inter-company loans. With this new feature comes a new Chart of Accounts page where you can view all the accounts from your QuickBooks or Xero Chart of Accounts – and eliminate the accounts you need with a click of a button.


Custom Reports – Formula Improvements

We’ve improved the custom report formulas – you can now have as many formula operands as you need.  This allows you the flexibility to create more complex formulas and keep your report output to the point.


Custom Reports – Credit/Debit Switching

Now an additional feature on Custom Reports,  you can control how your sections treat Debit and Credit accounts and whether they treat Debit account values as positive or Credit account values as positive.  This gives you the power to have, say, Expense accounts and Revenue accounts in the same section and the totals will work out correctly automatically.


Running Reports Across Fiscal Years

We’re really pleased to say we’ve removed the limitation on running reports across fiscal years.  Previously it was not possible to run a report with a start date and end date in different fiscal years but now it is.  Even if your companies have different fiscal year start and end dates you can set your report start and end dates to anything you want.  


More Cashflow Report Improvements

More improvements for the Cashflow report have been added in the last couple of months – it now includes figures for Cash at Start of Period and Cash at End of Period.  Now all the info you’d expect to see on an Indirect Cashflow Statement is right at your fingertips.


Excel Downloads

You can now download reports in Excel format. Just click on the download button after running your report and you’ve got everything you need right at your fingertips. Downloading with Excel means better formatting and allows you to tweak your results, add additional data, export to pdf format and add logos and graphics for presentations and client data.




Exchange Rates on Report

We now display the exchange rates used to perform currency conversions along with the report results. Just click on the dropdown to view the rates used. The date of the exchange rate is shown too, so you know exactly when the exchange rate was obtained –  enabling you to marry up your Joiin report data with your data from Xero or QuickBooks.


Customisable Profit and Loss Reports.  

A major new feature for 2019. Create your own groups, choose which accounts appear in them, add formulas to calculate custom totals, expand and collapse groups. Plus you can now save your custom reports and run or download them again at any time.


More KPI’s

We’ve revamped the KPI report section of our app. This section now includes more key performance measures including Total Expenses, Working Capital, Working Capital Ratio and Working Capital To Total Assets.


In addition, we’ve added new charts to show the data for the year in graphical form for all KPI’s.  In some cases we’ve combined the data on one chart such as Total Revenue vs Total Expenses, we’ve also added more tool tips and help text to give you insights and help you to quickly understand what each KPI means.


Cashflow Report Improvements

The Cashflow Report feature can now be used fully with Xero companies. The Statement of Cashflow Report is generated using the Indirect Method – pulling data for operating, investing and financing activities from the relevant Balance Sheet account types.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on Joiin, what’s working for you and any feedback you might have. You can drop us an email any time at hello@joiin.co