November 28th, 2022

Building trust: Collaborative features

Part 3: In the third blog on how to build trust in technology platforms so you feel confident recommending them to your accounting clients, we look at the collaborative features you should expect.


This blog series provides a straightforward overview for accountants about what to look for when assessing a technology platform’s trustworthiness. In part 1, we looked at data protection from the get-go, while part 2 considered best practice security measures. Here, in part 3, we look at the benefits of collaborative features.

Collaborative features in today's technology platforms

Collaborative features

While data security remains a top consideration (which we looked at in part 2 of this blog series), you don’t always want to lock everyone out.

There will be instances when you want to let people in – such as colleagues and clients you want to share information with across a technology platform you’re using in your practice.

Being able to share information builds trust between you and your clients, but what should you expect from today’s technology platforms?

Most modern-day platforms should let you define and manage permissions and access levels, such as who can look at specific information on a platform and what they can then do with that information. Often found in a platform’s settings, permissions and access levels add a basic extra layer of teamwork.

But suppose you require a richer experience that encourages a greater sense of partnership between you and your clients and feel that your clients could benefit from this. In that case, you should look for specific features that support the collaboration level you need.

Our Joiin platform includes a multi-client feature – which lets you manage multiple distinct clients under one Joiin subscription. With the feature enabled, your clients can access and see data and reports in a secure area accessible only to them and you. Access to data and information is protected – we only pull data as authorised by an authenticated user at your end.


Questions to consider:

What collaborative features are in place, and how will these benefit our clients?

What to look out for:

Basic permissions and access, as well as advanced features such as Joiin’s multi-client.

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About this blog series

This blog series provides a straightforward overview for accountants about what to look for when assessing a tech platform’s trustworthiness. We’ve broken the series into 5 posts, including data protection, security measures, collaborative features, added-value reporting, and supplier ethos. The series aims to give you enough information about what to look for in technology platforms, so you can fulfil your role as a trusted advisor and confidently recommend these to your clients.

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