July 9th, 2021

‘How do you use Joiin?’ Q&A with Aprio Cloud

In our new case study Q&A series asking ‘how do you use Joiin?’, this week we’re talking to Melanie Lusnak of Aprio Cloud, a global company based in the US that enables companies to outsource a multitude of financial operations with ease.

Can you tell us a little about Aprio Cloud and where you’re based?

With a remote workforce spread out across the US and a few international locations, Aprio Cloud helps businesses outsource financial and payroll functions, manage and forecast their cash, solve complex tax issues, and automate and standardize all of their back-office processes. Bringing a scalable, automated infrastructure to businesses across six continents, we deliver a custom accounting platform with compliance and advisory services for one fixed monthly fee.

What are the main challenges you face around reporting and consolidation?

One of the largest challenges we have faced is helping complex clients consolidate quickly. For example, we have a client that has different account codes and names for each entity; combining them for reporting was a manual process and took a lot of time. With Joiin, we were able to group all of those accounts, and now we just have to run the report each month.

How long have you been using Joiin and how does your company use it? 

Aprio Cloud has been using Joiin since September of 2020, We leverage Joiin primarily for our multi-entity consolidations, especially for clients that are based in numerous countries with a variety of currencies.

“We leverage Joiin primarily for our multi-entity consolidations, especially for clients that are based in numerous countries with a variety of currencies.”

What’s your favourite feature?

We love how easy Joiin is to use. We are able to customize the outputs and make manual changes as required for each scenario (I.e. Exchange rates, ownership percentages, and custom account grouping).

What advice would you give to someone who is looking to implement a new reporting system?

When evaluating any reporting tool, it’s important to define what metrics you need to see before you decide on the system you want to use. Consistency on codes used for the chart of accounts is crucial to increase efficiency and help scale the use of a reporting system.


Melanie Lusnak is an Innovation Architect at Aprio Cloud – get in touch or find out more about them here.


About our ‘How do you use Joiin?” series

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