January 16th, 2023

Infographic: Our survey says…

We asked our customers how they use our platform and how much time it saves them each month. The initial results are in. Find out more in our blog.

Average time saved: 8.3 hours per month

The key question we asked is: how much time does Joiin save you every month?

The average Joiin customer surveyed saves 8.3 working hours per month by using our consolidated reporting platform, giving them vital extra hours for use elsewhere in their work.

Explore the infographic below, which brings together some of our initial findings.

Joiin customer survey results infographic

How will customers use the time saved?

We’re conducting follow-up interviews with surveyed customers, uncovering how they use their saved hours.

People cite more time for advisory work and to analyse accounting processes and improve them.

We’re also discovering that customer colleagues save time too, often multiplying time savings across a business.

94% get quicker insights with Joiin

In the survey, we also found that 94% of respondents feel Joiin provides quicker insights into the overall performance of their group, suggesting regular and month-end reporting is more effective and efficient.

75% use Joiin regularly each month

Finally, having created a consolidated reporting platform to help our customers keep tabs on finances and specifically to ease month-end reporting, we’re delighted that 75% use it each month for their reporting needs.

Most of our customers use Joiin daily/weekly (51%), with a further 24% monthly.

Stay tuned!

We’re conducting follow-up interviews with surveyed customers and will publish more in-depth findings soon.

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