July 17th, 2019

New features for July 2019

We’re introducing more new features for July, including Custom Reports for cashflow, and more… in all of our plans for the same low monthly price.

Custom Reports for Cashflow

You can now create custom versions of the Cashflow Report. Group and re-order items, add formulas, view budget information and more. The power of Custom Reports now available with your Cashflow data.




Trial Balance Report by Period and Company

We’ve added the Compare To filter to the Trial Balance Report so now you can view reports by multiple Periods or by Company, as you can on other reports.




Expand or Collapse Groups

A small but useful addition – when you run a Custom Report you can expand or collapse the groups simply by clicking on them. Allows you to quickly hide information and more easily see the facts you need.




There’s more on the way – we’re working on more features which we’ll be releasing soon including:

Tracking Categories/Classes
Custom Reports hierarchical groups


While you’re here…

We love feedback here at Joiin, it helps us to fine tune our developments and make sure that our software delivers exactly what you need, when you need it. So if you have any suggestions, thoughts or if there is something you think we could do better – drop us an email at hello@joiin.co.