December 7th, 2021

New Features for December 2021

As we move into December we’re delighted to bring you the latest updates and features from Joiin, including sticky columns, common formats, report pack chart formatting improvements, currency and percent formatting in Excel exports, and unsaved changes warning. Remember, you can always find out more about all features in our Support Centre.

Sticky Columns

The account code/name column on reports is now sticky – when you scroll to the right it will remain in place so you can view the data more easily. This is handy when you have lots of columns – for example when you’re reporting across multiple periods, companies or categories and viewing budget data.

Sticky columns feature in Joiin

Common Formats

Our new Format section provides a quick way to choose the reporting filters you need when running reports. We know there are lots of different ways our customers want to look at their reports so we’ve provided a set of common formats you can select from.

Simply click on the format to set the filters and run the report.

Click on More formats to see a full list of formats.

Available on all financial reports.

Common formats feature in Joiin

Report Pack Chart Formatting Improvement

Improving the way charts are formatted on report pack output. In some cases charts would be split across pages – we’ve now fixed this so the output is much neater.

Report pack chart formatting in Joiin

Excel Export – Currency and Percent Formatting

We’ve improved the formatting of Excel report downloads. Now cells that contain currency or percentage numbers are formatted as currency or percentage. Saves you a little more time. Works with all currencies.

Excel export formatting in Joiin

Unsaved Changes Warning

If you have made changes to a custom report without saving them and then navigate away we’ll now pop up a reminder. We know how much time you can put into getting your report just right and how frustrating it can be when you accidentally lose those changes.

Holiday Support Hours

We’ll be here for the majority of the festive period to answer any questions you might have, however, please be aware that our offices will be closed between the following days:

December 25th – 28th
New Years Day – January 3rd
Any support tickets or queries will be answered as soon as we are back in the office on January 4th.

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