January 15th, 2022

New Features for January 2022

Fresh for 2022, we’re bringing you the latest updates, news and features from Joiin, including AP/AR Report Improvements, Row Formatting in Custom Reports, Xero Single Sign-On and more. Remember, you can always find out more about all features in our Support Centre.

AP/AR Report Improvements

For Xero companies, we’ve updated our AP and AR Ageing reports and removed some of the previous limitations. The reports now include Credit Notes and Payments, giving you a much fuller picture of how much you are owed and you owe. It also allows you to see the picture at a specific due date.

Custom Reports – Row Formatting

We’ve added a new capability to our custom reports: now you can choose to display a Group or Formula as a normal row in the report results. Handy for customized merging of multiple accounts into a single account. The new Style as account box on the Group or Formula edit controls this.

Xero Single Sign On

Now you can sign up and sign in to Joiin using your Xero login –  no need to keep track of a separate login and password for Joiin. Simply log in to Xero and use the launcher to access Joiin – or use the Sign In with Xero button on the Joiin login page.

Collapse / Expand Report Sections

A popular request delivered: you can now collapse and expand all sections within a report with one simple operation. Simply click on the 3-dot menu at the top left of the results and select Collapse groups or Expand groups.

View Invoices / Bills in Xero

Now you can view invoices and bills directly in Xero when you click on them in the Joiin Sales Reports. Simply click on the Reference number and a new browser tab will open with the item in Xero – so you can see all the underlying details with the click of a button.

Transfer Subscription Owner

Until now you’ve had to contact our support team if you want to move your subscription ownership from one person to another. Now you can do it yourself. Simply navigate to the Plan & Billing page and click on the Transfer Ownership button. Making your life easier when someone moves on or changes roles.

Change Sort Order

You can now control which order accounts are displayed in on financial reports. In our Reporting Configuration section you can now choose whether to sort by Code or Name, ascending or descending. Another popular requests from users delivered.

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