March 7th, 2022

New Features for March 2022

This March, we’re bringing you the latest updates, news and features fresh from the team at Joiin. Remember, you can always find out more about all features in our Support Centre.

New features and updates from Joiin in December 2021

QuickBooks Single Sign on/In

Now you can sign up and sign into Joiin using your QuickBooks login – no need to keep track of a separate login and password for Joiin. Simply log in to QuickBooks and use the launcher to access Joiin – or use the Sign In with Intuit button on the Joiin login page.

New Quick Filter

We’ve added a new quick filter to Joiin: Last Calendar Year by Month. Simply click on More formats and select Last Calendar Year by Month to see a breakdown of the last year by month.

Quick filter view within Joiin

CSV Company Import Simplified

We’ve simplified the process of importing CSV companies a little. Now you only need to specify a single Type column. More changes on the way here.

Custom Report Bold Formula Lines

A small but handy improvement to custom reports formatting – now all formula rows appear bold. You can control how this is displayed and change it to display non-bold using the Style as account option.

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