November 17th, 2022

New Features for November 2022

We’re delighted to bring you the latest updates and features from Joiin this November, remember, you can find out more about all features in our Support Centre.

Eliminations by Entity

Our new Eliminations by Entity feature allows you to eliminate accounts at the company level. A valuable new feature for those managing more complex group consolidations. Just head over to your Chart of Accounts page to see the new elimination options.

New Budget Toggle

Now you have more options when displaying budget data. Using our new Budget Toggle you can select which budget columns you want to display: budget value, variance amount or variance percentage. Plus you can choose to display the budget values only, giving you a powerful way to plan and view consolidated budgets and forecasts.

Custom FX Rates – more base currencies

Now, when setting custom FX rates, you can select which base currency to use. This makes it easier to configure your FX rates as you’re no longer restricted to using USD as the base currency. Simply go to the Reporting Configuration page to select your base currency.

Repeating Report Period Headers

We’ve tidied our report output a little more by removing repeating date headers. Now when you have multiple columns for a single period (like % Change or Budget Variance) you see the period header shown once and spanning all the columns.

Multi Currency Plans

We now accept payment in multiple currencies, not just GBP. Choose from USD, NZD, AUD and Euro.

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