October 1st, 2022

New Features for October 2022

We’re delighted to bring you the latest updates and features from Joiin this October, remember, you can find out more about all features in our Support Centre.

Report Pack Cover Page

We’ve added a bunch of new themes you can apply to your Report Pack cover page. Simply run your Report Pack and click on the Change Cover Image button at the top to select from a range of cover images to apply to your report pack.

Report Page Breaks

Now you can set a section within a Custom Report so that a page break appears before it when it appears in a report pack. Simply edit the section and select the new Page break before option when designing your report.

Recently used Formats

Now it’s even quicker to get the report results you need with our new Recently Used Formats feature. When running a report Join will remember what formats you last used and present them at the top for selection.

Download FX Rates

By popular request, now you can download your FX rates. Simply click on the download icon on the Exchange Rates page. You’ll get a spreadsheet with a tab for Monthly Average, Month End and Account Spot Rates.

New Report Filters

We’ve revamped our report filters to make them cleaner, more powerful and even easier to use. Now you can set your company, currency and period filters by simply clicking on the grey selectors at the top of each report:

  • Most Recently used common formats

  • Search for companies

  • Search for currencies

New Common Formats – Last year by month

Now you can quickly view last year’s breakdown by month by selecting our new Last financial year by month or Last calendar year by month formats.

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