September 20th, 2019

New Features for September 2019

Our September new-features roundup is packed with items you’ve been asking for, including Improved data synchronisation, Reporting by Category, and more.

Hide Zero Balance Accounts

To help you focus on what’s important you can now configure Joiin to only show accounts with non-zero balances. With a simple tick of a box in our ever-expanding Reporting Configuration section you can control whether to show or hide zero balance accounts across all reports.



Hide Decimal Places

Another addition to the Reporting Configuration section, you now have the option to hide decimal places. Simply tick the Hide decimal places box to view all report values rounded to the nearest whole number. Gives you more flexibility and control.



Reporting by Category

We’re getting some great feedback on the new Reporting by Category feature we recently announced. Now you can create consolidated reports broken down by Xero Tracking Category and/or QuickBooks Class. Simply select By Category from the Compare dropdown.





Improved data synchronisation

We’ve made some improvements to the way the data synchronisation with Xero and QuickBooks works. This is mostly under-the-hood stuff to ensure things runs smoothly but you’ll also notice some changes to the data refresh info on the Companies page. Your data will continue to be automatically updated for you regularly but if you need to do a manual refresh or add a new company you’ll be able to see the status clearly.




Consistent order when viewing by Company

We’ve addressed an issue, highlighted by several of our customers, with our By Company reporting. Now the companies will always appear in the same, alphabetic order so that results are consistent over multiple runs.


Coming Soon

We’re working on more features which we’ll be releasing soon including:

Custom Reports nested groups

New and improved scrolling tabular report output

Custom Reports display and sorting improvements