June 27th, 2019

New Joiin Features for July

You asked – we listened. In response to your feedback, we’ve added new features to make Joiin more powerful, secure and flexible.

New Features Update from Joiin

Custom Reports for Balance Sheets

You can now create custom versions of the Balance Sheet Report.  Group and re-order items, add formulas, view budget information and more.  The power of Custom Reports now available with your Balance Sheet data.



CSV Company Import

If you’re using financial systems other than QuickBooks or Xero you can now use Joiin to do your consolidated reporting.  Using our simple CSV Import tool you can import data from any financial systems such as Sage, MYOB, FreshBooks, Wave, Zoho Books, Datev, Reckon, Tally, Billomat and many others. You can also use CSV Import for elimination transactions or account adjustments.


Exchange Rate Improvements

Now you have more flexibility over how currency conversion is performed in Joiin and what exchange rates are used.  Through the Reporting Configuration page you can configure different exchange rate rules for Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet and control whether exchange rates from each Period End, each Period Mid-range or Report Run date are used.





Two-Factor Authentication

We take security seriously and so have added a new level of user authentication to Joiin.  Now you can choose to switch on Two-Factor Authentication – this will require you to enter a code, sent to your mobile phone, every time you log on.  To give you, your clients and other stakeholders extra peace of mind that your data is secure.

Just head over to the new Account Security section to switch Two-Factor Authentication on – you can also now change your password there too.



Coming soon – we’ll also be releasing:

Custom Reports for Cashflow

Custom Reports hierarchical groups


If there are features you’d like to see on Joiin – we’d love to hear from you. You can email hello@joiin.co, contact us through the chat feature on our website or tweet us here.

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