November 18th, 2019

New Features for November 2019

We’re announcing plenty of new features for November 20, including New report formatting and Budget display improvements.

New Report Formatting

We’ve improved the formatting of the on-screen report output to make the results more compact and include horizontal scrolling for when there are too many columns to fit the width of your screen.



Custom Reports – Nested Groups

Now, with our Custom Reports, you can nest groups within other groups. Simply select the Move To option to quickly set up clearer group hierarchies. Combined with collapsible and hide-able groups this gives you a range of customisation options.



Custom Reports – Hide Groups

We’ve added the ability to hide a custom report group when report output is shown. This simple, but powerful feature lets you include accounts, totals and formulas behind the scenes and only output the key information you need to see.



Budgets Display Improvements

Based on your feedback we’ve made several improvements to the way budget data is displayed on your Custom Reports. Now the budget variance amount and percent are shown on all report lines, including formulas and totals and the green and red colours are correctly shown based on the account type. We’ve also included budget amounts, even if the account has a zero actual amount, so that your entire budget is accounted for in the report.



Previous Year Compare

We’ve added a new option to our Report filters. Now you can compare the figures for one period to the same period in the previous year. Just select to Previous Year from the Compare dropdown. Select additional periods to compare multiple years.



Other Bug Fixes and Security Improvements

On top of the new features we’ve also made several bug fixes and added improvements to ensure Joiin is up-to-date with the latest security best practices.


Coming Soon

We’re working on more features which we’ll be releasing soon including:

User defined Exchange Rates

Company ordering and grouping

FX Reserve handling

A/R Ageing Report