March 21st, 2024

The State of Month-End Survey is back for 2024

We invite you to participate and share your experience for a chance to win a £100 gift card. By doing so, you can help shape the future of month-end closing.

27 November 2022

Building trust: Best practice security measures

Part 2: In the second blog on how to build trust in technology platforms so you can recommend them to your accounting practice clients, we look at best practice security measures.

26 November 2022

How to build trust in technology platforms so you can recommend them to clients

Part 1: In the first of five blogs, we look at ways to ensure data protection from the get-go when considering any new technology platform.

17 November 2022

New Features for November 2022

We’re delighted to bring you the latest updates and features from Joiin this November, remember, you can find out more about all features in our Support Centre.

17 November 2022

Toggling a budget-only view within Joiin

In the final of three blogs popping the hood of our platform, we look at how you can now toggle a budget-only view of your data.

14 November 2022

Joiin becomes a Xero staff pick with 100+ 5-star reviews

Our platform recently achieved two huge milestones: it’s now one of Xero’s staff picks and has attracted a landmark 100+ 5-star Xero reviews.

09 November 2022

Eliminations at the company level within Joiin

In the second of three blogs, we again pop the hood of our platform and look at one of our latest features – this time, eliminating accounts at the company level.

04 November 2022

Setting your base currency within Joiin

These are exciting times at Joiin HQ. Here, we pop the hood of our platform and look at some of the latest feature updates and what they mean for you. First up, setting a base currency.

18 October 2022

Joiin and ApprovalMax webinar returns

Sign-up for a re-run of our live webinar – Developing financial controls and consolidated reporting for multi-entity businesses – presented alongside ApprovalMax, with the new time suited to audiences in Australia and New Zealand.

05 October 2022

Multi-client – your vital client management tool

Our multi-client feature lets you manage multiple distinct clients under one Joiin subscription. Watch the short explainer video and read more below.