November 27th, 2022

Building trust: Best practice security measures

Part 2: In the second blog on how to build trust in technology platforms so you can recommend them to your accounting practice clients, we look at best practice security measures.


This blog series provides a straightforward overview for accountants about what to look for when assessing a technology platform’s trustworthiness. In part 1, we looked at data protection from the get-go. Here, in part 2, we consider best practice security measures.

Best practice security measures

Best practice security for technology platforms

Platforms like Xero are ‘multi-tenant apps’ – meaning multiple people will use the software. Their data exists within its single system but is partitioned into different accounts. An underlying infrastructure pulls the single system together as one.

Think of it as a plush apartment block where lots of people live. There’s top-notch security at the entrance (as we’ve already described in part 1 of this blog series with Oauth2). But once in, everyone has an apartment with secure access, while communal facilities make the property more desirable, such as premium safety systems.

Joiin is also a multi-tenant app. It uses a two-factor authentication (2FA) process when you want to get into your account – the kind of sign-in you likely trust elsewhere.

Our platform sits on rock-solid Amazon Web Service (AWS) servers – a global leader in the market – with an underlying infrastructure that includes a wealth of shared security layers that are built-in to AWS, meeting thousands of global compliance initiatives.


Questions to consider:

How has the platform been built, and what kind of security does it have?

What to look out for:

Layers of security such as 2FA and trusted hosting like AWS.

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About this blog series

This blog series provides a straightforward overview of what to look for when assessing a tech platform’s trustworthiness. We’ve broken the series into 5 posts, including data protection, security measures, collaborative features, added-value reporting, and supplier ethos. The series aims to give you enough information about what to look for in technology platforms, so you can fulfil your role as a trusted advisor and confidently recommend these to your clients.

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