March 6th, 2023

Catch us in March’s XU Magazine

We’re delighted to feature in this month’s XU Magazine. Read our extensive article – Expect more from your software – and explore our time-saving survey results highlighting what you can expect when using Joiin.

Expect more from your software

Writing in the latest issue of XU Magazine, our Chief Commercial Officer, Paul Shipway, notes that you should justifiably expect more from your software, and vendors are right to respond smartly.

Paul writes, “the more innovative software vendors understand that customer expectations have changed and look to build more meaningful relationships.”

His article includes a summary of what you, as a consumer, can expect from today’s software vendors. These include a user experience you enjoy elsewhere, added value being realised early on, a more meaningful relationship with your vendor, and pricing that’s easier on the pocket.

Of course, Paul talks about product-led growth (PLG) – a phrase gaining prominence that you’ve likely come across in the software market. “It is a business strategy that places a software vendor’s product at the centre of initial contact to successful uptake and use,” he explains. “A product’s features, performance, stickiness and virality do much of the selling. Because it is product-led, the strategy incorporates freemium to premium models, free trials, customer feedback and product development involvement.”

Click here to read Paul’s article – Expect more from your software – in full ›

Save time with Joiin

Are manual consolidations draining too much of your time? If so, look out for our time-saving survey results elsewhere in March’s XU Magazine.

Time-saving survey results taken from recent Joiin customer responses

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If you’re already using Xero, there are innovative ways to also get the best financial reporting from this platform. So we’ve compiled some handy tips on ways to supercharge your Xero reporting ›

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