January 22nd, 2021

New year, new website

We were determined to kickstart the new year with a new website, which we’re delighted to say has just launched. It includes more about our features and ways to connect up with Joiin.

Our website is a major tool for us

It pulls in new sign-ups and guides users to our celebrated support services. As a result, last year we welcomed over 1400 new users from all over the world, our platform ran a whopping 220,000 reports in almost 100 currencies, and we solved 600 support tickets.

Right now, we feel like a company on the up.

Our proposition remains clear

We deliver Consolidated financial reporting made easy and have worked with the brilliant Ipek Ozel Studio to help us bring this proposition to life through animation.

Throughout the site, we focus on the ways we can help you spend less time finding data and churning through spreadsheets every month by automating the way you consolidate financial, sales and KPI data to create great-looking reports, quickly and seamlessly.

More focused on our reporting features

Having introduced 126 new features last year, we’ve included many more Feature-focused pages on our new website. To help you find these there’s a handy grid of links on the homepage, a Features landing page and a dropdown menu in the top navigation.

Featured is our latest big release – Report Packs – which lets you bundle multiple reports into a single PDF pack which can be printed, downloaded or shared with collaborators.

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Handy links

Depending on the financial system you use to connect with Joiin, we’ve included pages for Xero, QuickBooks, Sage and Unplugged (for those simply using spreadsheets).

We’ve also got new pages on Joiin for business and Joiin for accountants and advisors.

For the eagle-eyed amongst you, you’ll notice we’re now working with Sage and we plan to tell you more about this in the coming weeks.

Happy reporting!